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Over a Decade Helping Airlines Grow Through IT Excellence

Newshore was founded in Barcelona in 2008 by a team of experienced technology consultants that set out with a simple, yet disruptive, principle in mind: access to first-class IT talent should not cost you the Earth.

Airline Technology Experts

This foundational principle has been the cornerstone of our focus in the fast-growing low cost and hybrid airline industry. This is a highly competitive and dynamic sector where the need for high quality and fast support to the setup critical technology systems is combined with a no-nonsense and lean approach to costs.

Our commitment to excellence and competitiveness is underlined by the fact that we have supported some of the most successful airline launches of the last decade. This continues to be our guiding principle as we we keep expanding our geographical reach, range of services and solutions and portfolio of clients in the airline industry.

Meet our people:

People are our greatest asset. This is the reason that we strive to create the sort of environment where talent can flourish and develop.

Our team is diverse, with our consultants coming from different countries, industries and areas of expertise. Consultants with a travel and airline background work side by side with top-notch programmers to develop tools and solutions that are at the cutting edge of airline technology innovation.

What we all share is our commitment to excellence and the pride we take in being trailblazers in one of the most fast-paced, high profile industries in the World.

Enric Puig
Enric Puig
CEO and Co-Founder

Above all, Enric likes to explore, he can’t help it ...

Fortunately, his passion has some practical use for Newshore: exploring new markets, finding new talent for the company, venturing new partnerships, imagining new solutions. Enric always says that he’ll never be grateful enough for working with a team that allows him to perform as an explorer.

And what do you think he does with his time off from work? Exploring, of course... but riding his dirt bike!

Gabriel Abascal
Gabriel Abascal
CFO and Co-Founder

Analytical and resolute, that's Gabriel!

By analyzing the data from our operations, he discovers before anyone else hidden trends and opportunities, then he goes straight to capture or eliminate them, according to what he found. In fact, our management model, based on the autonomy and initiative of our people, would be impractical if we didn’t have the clear x-ray on our business that Gabriel consistently displays to us.

In his free time, he continues capturing trends, not in vain he’s our particular hipster: sourdough bread, vintage bicycles ... yes, never in a superficial way, always to the bottom.

Alfredo García
Alfredo García

Alfredo utterly represents the set of values that we cultivate at Newshore. He joined us early and made his successful career based on talent, commitment, vision and discipline.

Equipped with this toolset and his wide recognition across the company, Alfredo leads our investments in new generation products, consolidating the best leading edge practices of the airline industry around the world.

You can see Alfredo some afternoons puffing while exercising along the beach, near the office ... he’s probably preparing for his new exotic trip, away from the tourist circuits ...

Roger Solé
Roger Solé

As a good soccer center that he is, Roger knows that building a winning team takes not only top players, but also a good ball circulation among them.

Roger involves the whole team in finding new talent to recruit, making sure that everyone has feedback on their work to manage their own career, that we can talk internally about everything with everyone and that every person has at his/her disposal an exciting professional challenge.

Meanwhile, Roger is diversifying his sporting activity towards some fashionable sports, like paddle ... but some think that he’d do better if he concentrated exclusively on good old soccer.

Juan José Martínez
Juan José Martínez

At Newshore, we really take technology seriously and a technology guru might be tempted to play the role of inaccessible "divo" ... But Juanjo has come to break all those topics.

Juanjo raises our level of technological excellence, but he does it in his own friendly way: he knows each developer one by one, always has time for a consultation or to revise the project architecture, he organizes training sessions ... You could see him counseling an airline’s CIO  and in the next hour, he could be helping a newcomer to unpack and setup his computer. So is our CTO: bright and close.

But beware: if you’re offered his headphones, don’t use them without turning down the volume first... the heavy metal music he loves isn’t appropriate for all ears!

Meet our clients:

We work with some of the most successful and innovative low cost and hybrid airlines launched in the last few years.

But let’s be clear about one thing: we are not in the business of providing one-shot solutions.

Instead, our consultative customer-centric approach typically results in long term engagements that deliver the most value for our customers and allows us to support them as they grow. More often than not, our customers end up being long-term partners, rather than just clients.

Work with us

Our airline customers are global and so is our quest for talent.

At Newshore we will help you fulfill your potential while working in a truly dynamic industry.

We take pride in our hands-on approach and flat hierarchy. As one of our consultants, you will be encouraged engage with customers and take responsibilities early on,

It is hard, but highly stimulating, work and the opportunities for professional growth are countless. And, yes, it can also be fun.

Therefore, open-mindedness, leadership and integrity are essential qualities we look for in each one of our consultants.

Our partners:

No man is an island and neither are we.

Through our more than a decade of experience in the airline industry we have developed a network of partnerships and alliances that allow us to deliver a more complete range of services to our clients.

From key PSS vendors such as Navitaire, Radixx and Bravo to suppliers of specialized airline technology and software, our partners complement and add value to our own range of solutions and services.

Get in touch! , , and we will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting.