Cobalt Aereo

From scratch


Business Case

From 0 to market in record time

Launched in 2016 by a group of experienced airline professionals and investors, Cobalt is a new airline based in Cyprus. It currently flies to a number of destinations in Europe and the Middle East with a fleet of six Airbus A320 aircraft.

The Brief

When, in early 2016, Newshore was commissioned to develop the IT platform, including the implementation of the Bravo Avantik PSS and the related Internet Booking Engine (IBE), for the new airline, it faced a number of challenges.

As a startup airline, Cobalt decided to focus its resources on building the operational part of the business, which gave Newshore a central role in coordinating the development of its technological platform. Given Cobalt’s lean corporate structure it was essential that technology and processes were efficient, but easy to maintain and operate.

Cobalt was also operating within a tightly defined time-frame for its market launch. It was, therefore, imperative to complete the whole project, from kick-off to delivery, in a matter of weeks.

Our Approach

Newshore brought to the table its highly specialized expertise.

Our deep knowledge of the airline industry allowed us to advance quickly through the different stages of the project, without wasting a day. We implemented proven best-practice solutions based on our experience in the very competitive airline industry.

Newshore assumed a key project management role, coordinating not only its own technical team, but also external partners, such as designers and web developers,  in the implementation of an internet booking engine based on the Bravo Avantik PSS.

Our Approach

The Outcome

Mission accomplished! Cobalt launched on the expected date.

Newshore built the whole IT platform from the ground-up in just two months, from March to May of 2016, thus, proving our ability to develop and implement the technical infrastructure required to start a new airline from scratch in a record time.

After one year of successful operations, Cobalt continues to trust Newshore with the continuous development and improvement of its IT systems, including the design and roll out of advanced ancillary revenue, data analytics and marketing campaign tools, among others.