Newshore launches new corporate image and website

Newshore is happy to announce the recent unveiling of its new corporate image and website, available under  

The new look and organization of the firm’s website is the result of a comprehensive rebranding project that underlines Newshore’s position as one of the most innovative players in the global airline technology industry.

The new corporate image, which has been the work of Ivo Waldburger in collaboration with an internal Newshore task force, combines attributes of freshness and simplicity, with a sober look that underlines Newshore’s professionality and commitment to excellence.

In addition to reflecting the company’s new look, Newshore’s revamped website is structured to that visitors can easily navigate throughout the different solutions, tools and services offered by Newshore and their main defining features.

Newshore launches new corporate image and website

These solutions and tools condensate years of experience and best practices in servicing the airline industry. They offer a cutting edge, market-tested approach to many everyday issues airlines face, while minimizing our clients’ go-to-market time.

A special focus has been placed on success case studies that highlight some of Newshore’s top achievements in servicing the airline industry and the solutions it developed for its clients, that include some of the most innovative and dynamic airlines in the market.

In line with Newshore’s attention to attracting and retaining talent, the new site devotes additional space to the team, foundational principles and approach as well as career development.

A dedicated section will also compile all relevant corporate news and will act also as a platform for the dissemination of articles and reports elaborated by Newshore’s team and its collaborators. This way we aim to share our expert views and make our voice heard on the main trends and developments taking place in the airline technology industry.

Newshore’s new corporate images will be also progressively rolled out over the many different platforms and channels where the firm has an active presence.

About Newshore Servicios Globales

Newshore is a technology consultancy firm serving the airline industry. With a team of over 100 IT professionals, headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and production centers in Colombia, Newshore delivers e-commerce solutions to low cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid airlines all over the world, boosting their revenues while keeping their operational costs low.