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Training & Business Support

We provide top level training and support for your head office, as well as airport and call center staff. They will learn how to properly setup, configure and use Navitaire NewSkies and related systems. We complement and expand the basic training provided by Navitaire through additional layers of customization and our signature “train-the-trainer” programme, so that know-how remains in-house over the long term.

PSS are complex enough. Focus on what matters most to you

Choosing and setting up the most adequate PSS configuration is the foundation bloc of any successful implementation. We make sure you get everything right from the very beginning by focusing our training on those features that are most relevant to your business.

PSS are complex enough. Focus on what matters most to you

Build your in-house knowledge through the “train the trainer” programme and personalized manuals​

Our Train-the-Trainer programmer, provided in two languages – English and Spanish - has consistently delivered the most value for our clients. It has a multiplicative effect that accelerates your staff’s learning, but, most importantly, it is a long-term investment in the technical capabilities and internal know-how of your business.


Proficiency in the use of the airline’s core systems is a prerequisite for success. We have successfully supported the smooth, faultless, transition of Viva Colombia to the Navitaire NewSkies system


After going live, we provide support until you are able to stand on your own

Our work does not end with a successful implementation. We stand by to provide guidance and troubleshoot any potential issues. As part of our service we also provide customized configuration manuals that serve as a guide and long-term knowledge repository.

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