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Passenger Alerts and Notifications

Our Passenger Alerts and Notifications tool is an automated tool to send service and commercial announcements to your passengers through email, sms and messaging apps. It not only opens up a direct chanel of communication between you and your customers, but it comes with powerful built-in marketing capabilities that make it possible to run extremely segmented and effective commercial campaigns.

Key Feature

Service Oriented

An automated and straightforward way to keep your customers updated through email, sms or messaging app of any relevant circumstance affecting their flights, from check-in reminders to flight status announcements.

Key Feature

Key Feature

Fully Integrated

Connect to your PSS, CRM, web analytics or newshore_data our Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in order to pull the most relevant data from your customer databases. Filter according to your own set of business rules and segment your messages for maximum effect and extra revenue.

Key Feature


Segment and target your messages for maximum effect and extra revenue. Look at live and abandoned bookings, upsell, cross-sell, deploy smart sale recovery techniques by customizing your commercial and promotional messaging.

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