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Seat Assign Tool

A smart algorithm that helps you drive additional revenue by optimizing the assignment of seats. Increase the chances of premium seating ancillaries being purchased, lower your costs by distributing loads more efficiently and avoid penalty charges by making sure that seats are always assigned in full compliance of regulations.

Key Feature

Sell More

How you assign seats impacts the demand of premium seating ancillaries. Our Seat Assign tool gives you the ability to assign seats automatically in the way that best suits your commercial policies and maximizes your expected ancillary revenue.

Key Feature

Seating arrangements are never neutral

Key Feature

Efficient Loading

When up in the air, every gram counts. Our Seat Assignment algorithms takes always first into consideration the optimal distribution of loads on board the aircraft. We help you reduce your fuel bill.

Key Feature

Full Compliance

There are a few rules you must observe when loading an aircraft - passengers special needs, infants, children, emergency exits...This tool makes sure all passengers are always assigned seats in full compliance of regulations. Speed up departures, reduce delays and prevent avoidable regulatory fines.

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