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Unbalanced Booking Processor for Bookings and Ancillaries

When people book flights and ancillaries separately, some payment imbalances are inevitable. Sometimes credit cards get declined and payments fail to reach you on time, particularly when cash-payment methods are enabled. This triggers cancellations and diverts resources to handle the incidences manually. The Unbalanced Booking Processor saves you time and money by automatically detecting and managing these situations.

Key Feature


Fully automated process that triggers a response according to previously defined business rules. With the Unbalanced Booking Processor you can be sure that there will be no mismatches between what is sold through your site and the payments your collect.

Key Feature

Offer cash-based payment methods without a worry

Key Feature


You can customize the process and actions to follow at every step according to your preferences. For example, you may wish to warn the customer first, provide an extended time to pay, proceed to cancel non-paid items or simply notify the cancellation.

Key Feature


By simplifying the tracking of payment incidences you are able to engage early on with the customers involved, prompting them to take action, resubmitting their payments, providing extended time to pay or, at the very least, confirming the cancellation and freeing inventory up for re-sale.

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