Delivering the Sky-High Passenger Experience


We help you deliver an outstanding customer experience through the use of smart, agile, solutions and tools specifically designed for the airline industry.

A personalized approach is at the basis of the greatest customer experiences and strong, lasting relationships.

Our solutions help you understand the needs of each of your customers and their circumstances, so that you can delight them at every interaction with the most suitable product or service.

We combine cutting-edge design and technology to deliver solutions that take customer satisfaction to a whole new level of excellence.

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Build the Foundations of your Airline from Scratch

Build the Foundations of your Airline from Scratch

At Newshore, we have a long successful track-record in getting new airlines off the ground. We set up their technological foundations in record time through the application of agile development methods.

Launching a new airline is no small task. As new technologies come constantly on stream and customers’ expectations rise, it becomes essential to count on expert, specialized know-how. The market rewards those airlines that are able to move fast and and without hesitation.

This is why we have adapted the agile development methodology to the needs of our airline customers. By rolling out innovative products and services in a record time, we make sure you are always one step ahead of the competition

We have helped new airlines get off the ground from scratch in less than 3 months

Improve your Operational Efficiency

Improve your Operational Efficiency

We help you become more efficient, cut costs and grow your revenue through the application of our specialized airline technology expertise.

A sound and efficient management of operations is a pressing necessity in the airline industry. Our consultants can help you identify those processes and functional areas that are ripe for improvement and provide new ideas and solutions, be it outsourcing, automation or reengineering. This way you are able to cut costs and boost your revenue without delay.

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